NASA Great Lakes Season Opener at Mid Ohio

Well...the first weekend of the season was a qualified success. The good news is that I took home the win for TTC on both Saturday and Sunday and earned my free tires from my great contingency sponsor, Hoosier. The bad news is that the track was wet all weekend and even the driest conditions had a stream of water across turn 1 and puddles in the bus stop.

The further good news is that I was getting the flow of the track down and the car felt so good that I actually turned a lap time during the third session on Sunday that would have been good enough for the TTC record for the Club Course configuration we were running (as well as the shorter Pro Course), despite the track conditions. The worst news, however, is that later that session I dropped the rear left wheel off the outside of the track into the wet grass in turn 7 and spun the car across the track into the tire wall, ending my day and DQ'ing the record time.

The body on the driver's side of the car is pretty banged up. Mechanically, it seems good to go, thankfully. I hardly felt anything inside the car (data showed the impact was under 2 g's, the tire wall seemed to do its job), so I was very lucky and got off relatively easy. It's not going to be cheap, but I'm hard at work getting everything back together and should be ready to go for Putnam next month!

Here is video of that 3rd session before the spin. The last lap on the video would have been the TTC record at 1:41.713 had I not DQ'ed myself.


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