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Gateway NASA Central Lap Record Video

Here is the video and data from the third session on Saturday of the Gateway event.  The third hot lap (lap 4 in the data) tripped the transponder at a 1:10.518, good enough to take the TTC record for the Central region.

Double Win at Gateway with Record Lap

The S2000 returned to the track this weekend in full form, running in the crossover event between the NASA Central and Midwest regions at Gateway International Raceway.  I was able to secure the class win on both days with a 1:10.518 best lap on Saturday and a 1:10.719 on Sunday.  Saturday's time, while short of my personal best and NASA Midwest record of 1:09.729, did take over the top spot in the Central record books for the TTC class.

Since the last time it hit the track, the S2000 has had the engine replaced (with another stock unit), the exhaust replaced, the catalytic converted removed, and the splitter added.  As a compromise to the added power and downforce, I was also required to add weight this year, taking the competition weight up from 2815 to 2880 lbs.

Given the slower than personal best times, the jury is still out on whether the shift in setup has been an improvement.  I'll have to get back into the swing of things as a driver before I can fully judge the trade-…