Friday, July 22, 2011

Second At A Crowded Mid Ohio

With two months to go until Nationals at Mid Ohio, the July Great Lakes event was PACKED. We had what must have been a record 57 TT cars putting in times and the traffic on the track reflected it.

I came to the track with the same setup and tires as Grattan and was hoping to chase down both the regional TTC record of 1:41.974 and the National record of 1:38.723. However, due to (insert long list of excuses here), I wasn't up to the challenge. Nevertheless, I took home a solid 2nd place finish in a field of 8 TTC cars, behind Aaron Leichty in the #190 S2000 both days. This scored a pair of new tires and extended my lead in the Great Lakes season championship.

Though I did break the previous regional TTC record with a best time from the first timed session of the weekend of 1:40.068, Aaron came out of the weekend with the honors of being the fastest TTC car ever on the Pro course with a 1:38.705 on Saturday. He even bested this time in a lap on Sunday, but in an incident eerily similar to mine in April, put a rear left wheel off tracking out of a right hander and hooked it back into the wall on the inside, DQ’ing the time. Even so, his time from a foggy first session was enough to beat my Sunday best by a mere 2 hundredths of a second. Like my incident, the damage was mostly superficial, and I expect to see Aaron back on track for August!

The next event is back at Mid Ohio in August. A month before Nationals and a cross over between the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, it should be even more crowded. There has already been talk about running two TT groups. I’ve got some setup changes to make and I hope they work because I’ve got a few seconds to drop before Nationals!

Here's my fastest lap from the weekend:

Record At Grattan

Since my last trip to Grattan in 2008 a lot of changes have been made to the 109 and (hopefully) my driving has seen some improvements as well. I've also heard Grattan has been resurfaced recently and these have all added up to a best time from the weekend in June of 1:27.284. This is a new record for TTC, almost 5 seconds faster than previous record, which I set in 2008, of 1:32.153. Despite the thin field, Jason Kohler brought tough competition in his #848 S2000, dropping seconds on Sunday to end in the high 1:28's, also shattering my previous record.

Take a look at the record lap below: